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This Gay Glory Hole changed my life; I’m not even kidding!

When going through the different phases in one’s life, we often come in contact with changes that switch our preferences and interests. It can include various things such as food taste, hobbies, passion, education, and in most cases sexuality. However, some of us try looking past these growing changes and instead keep focusing on the same old traditional ways of life.

I was one of those people. Always hiding away from the truth, looking the other way, it was until I met the Love of my life. He brought out the wild side in me, I never knew existed. All of this happened the Day he brought a gay portable glory hole store.

 How did a Gay Glory Hole change my life?

I have never been one of those people that are brave enough to get it on in public or dance their way around the pole drunk without having a care in the world. So, how can an introvert gay like me possibly even think about being wild and carefree in the bedroom with my boyfriend? Well, it’s easy Ever since my boyfriend heard about the Glory hole product, he’s been dying to try it out for me. After countless nagging and disagreements, he finally went out of his way and got us both the one product that changed my life completely.

I’m aware that being sexually active is good for our overall health. But being an introvert complicates things. However, after my boyfriend’s 100th convincing session, I finally gave it a try. After setting up the glory hole, my partner blindfolded me and said to let my body react to the sensation of anonymous sex. Also, it was a way of helping me loosen up. It gave me the freedom I needed or better yet the freedom I deep down wanted! The silky fabric made me feel like I was being ravished on a king sized bed, the slow rhythm and heat that came from behind the glory hole gay almost made me lose control. The darkness, the anonymity, the rhythm and passion was like straight out of a Fifty shades of Grey movie. And that’s all I needed to pump up my nerves and let my wild side take over.

The turning point in my life:

 They say good guys go to heaven but bad boys bring heaven to you. It is a statement that couldn’t be more true. My boyfriend literally brought heaven to me when he introduced this mind blowing product to me. After the first night, I felt myself renewed, like something bottled up inside me finally came to life. It was absolutely liberating. Being someone who couldn’t go on after one session, getting continuously riled up after 12 rounds definitely makes a difference. Also, it’s not something that only changed in me, my relationship with my partner is like two bodies and one soul. We’ve gotten so much more comfortable, close, and not to mention the sex is amazing.

Sometimes, it’s incredulous how a simple sex toy can change your relationship and personality in one go. It’s hard to imagine a guy that wears sweater vests to a club on a Saturday can actually think of trying a Public glory hole product and also likes the thought of it. That’s how much impact a glory hole product made on me and my entire life. I believe that everyone has the right to own their sexualities and preferences, and never be afraid to exhibit themselves out in the open. We only have one life, why not spend it by buying a glory hole and letting our dark side take over for once. Because everyone deserves to have a little fun while they’re still young. Don’t they?

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